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Audio System Provides Realistic Sound Effects

Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas has selected the military public address system by Technomad Associates LLC, Boston, Mass., for two courses operated by the Medical Readiness Training Center on the base.

The Medical Readiness Training Center installed a Technomad MilPA4 Turnkey package, featuring four Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers, a SuperConductor MP3 audio player for storage and playback of sound effects, a pre-wired amplifier to drive the audio signals, and a signal processing rack with a wireless microphone, compact disc player, speaker stands and cables.

The system was pre-loaded with sounds such as bombs, bugle calls, guns and aircraft. It has the ability to load up to 1 gigabyte of sound effects directly to the SuperConductor through a universal serial bus drive or Ethernet. All the sound effects came through intelligibly with no reports of garbled word-based speech. The system allows the Medical Readiness Training Center to fit a variety of experiences and interactive requirements to all participants over the course of 12-hour exercises.

This article initially appeared in Homeland Security’s fall 2007 Education Directory.